Can I customize my wine club shipment?

How can I customize my wine club membership order?

From your dashboard, find “Club Memberships,” then click “Adjust.”

Now, in the top right-hand corner, you will find your cart with your pre-made order.

The simplest way to customize your order is to find the list of wines on the left-hand side and “add” each one based on the desired amount.

Notice that your cart has updated automatically!

See a wine you don’t want to purchase? Simply click the “Remove” button next to the wine you no longer want.


Note: Depending on your club membership, your cart should contain a minimum amount of items, otherwise, your cart will not save, and you will be notified by the following message:


The minimum amount of items:

  • Silver Membership – 3 items
  • Gold Membership – 6 items
  • Platinum Membership – 12 items

NEW MEMBERS: The minimum amount of items:

  • Silver Membership – 4 items
  • Gold Membership – 8 items
  • Platinum Membership – 16 items

Once the minimum amount of items has been reached, your cart should look something like this:


Here, you can also click the “Exchange” button to completely change to another wine.

So, if we want to change from ‘Joy Sauvignon Blanc’  to ‘Jingle Cabernet Sauvignon,’ first we must:

Click “Exchange.”


Next, you will click the empty box beneath, “Exchange With,” and find ‘Jingle,’ in the drop-down menu.

Once chosen, click “Exchange Product” at the bottom.



Now that your cart is finalized, and you’re happy with your order, click “Return to Club Membership,” located on the right-hand side of the page. This will save your cart and let us know which items you’ve chosen for your next wine club shipment.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information or assistance!

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