With fine bubbles that float over layers of crisp acidity, CHEERS is a delicious custom blend of refreshing citrus and light strawberry notes. Seltzer is immediately added before canning to create a superior sparkling profile, with champagne-style bubbles.

CHEERS - Rosé Rose Seltzer
CHEERS - Rosé Rose Seltzer

CHEERS is an entirely new category. If you like rosé wine, sparkling wine or hard seltzer, then you will absolutely love CHEERS.


CASE (24 cans)

Every Occasion Begins with Cheers!

Specially created in single serving cans, Hallmark Channel Wine’s CHEERS is easy to enjoy anywhere, – from picnics, to the beach to backyard BBQs. Enjoy!

A Premium Rosé Wine Seltzer
This Low-carb (<8 carbs), Gluten-free and Vegan-friendly wine seltzer is made with 100% natural ingredients and has only 2.5g of sugar and 137 calories per serving. Presented in fun, inviting 250ml cans and containing 8.4% alcohol, CHEERS is the perfect accompaniment to your next toast.